At the end of the subject, the students will be able to,

·         To execute the students about entrepreneurship

·         Acquiring Entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness

·         Understanding the concept and process of entrepreneurship

·         Acquiring entrepreneurial quality, competency and motivation

·         Learning the process and skills of creation and management of entrepreneurial venture

·         Familiarization with various uses of human resource for earning dignified means of living

·         Know its contribution in and role in the growth and development of individual and the nation

·         Understand the formation of E-cell

·         Survey and analyze the market to understand customer needs

·         Understand the importance of generation of ideas and product selection

·         Learn the preparation of project feasibility report

·         Understand the importance of sales and turnover

·         Familiarization of various financial and non financial schemes

Aware of the concept of incubation and starts ups

Electronic Publishing

Electronic publishing or E-Publishing has been broadly defined as non-print material that is produced digitally. Electronic publishing is an encompassing term for a variety of digitally produced materials (Jones & Cook, 2000) such as bulletin boards, newsgroups, mailing lists, CD-ROM based media, and websites.

Semester: GDC 5th Semester